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Who can apply?

Two scholarships will be available annually starting in 2017. Application to one Adrian Campbell Scholarship is open to any Nova Scotian student completing Grade 12 and entering a post-secondary educational program.  The other Scholarship is reserved for a student from the Annapolis Valley (Hants, Kings or Annapolis Counties).

In 2021, an additional $1500 Scholarship will be awarded in memory of Wyatt Davies of Horton High School. Wyatt passed away in his Grade 12 year eleven months after his cancer diagnosis. In appreciation of the example Wyatt set through his positivity, kindness, and strength, this award will be presented to a student from Wyatt’s 02 class, and decided in conjunction with the school and family. No application is necessary.

What is the selection criteria?

The intention in awarding these scholarships is to assist student athletes entering their first year of post-secondary education with the costs of competing in individual, endurance sports for which there are no institutional scholarships, with preference being given to cycling and running, as these were of special interest to Adrian.

The Scholarship Fund Association is looking to support candidates who demonstrate the following:

Please note that individualized endurance sports require that competition occur at the individual level and that the sport necessarily involves sustained activity while enduring a high level of physical stress. Endurance sports typically require speed, strength, and anaerobic and aerobic fitness.

What is the application process?

When should I apply?

Interested candidates should apply:

What is the amount of each scholarship/bursary?


Where do I apply?


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