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WELCOME to the Adrian Campbell Scholarship Fund website. We are happy to announce that we are now awarding Scholarships to youth who embody the athletic determination, fair-mindedness, and sheer love of sport, family, and community that Adrian demonstrated throughout his life. We wish to thank all the people who are donating their time, services, and energy to make this site, these awards, and the Adrian Campbell Ride a reality. Although Adrian seldom complained after being given his diagnosis of terminal stomach cancer, he regretted that his boys would not know him well. Our hope is that through these scholarships, his sons will come to know and understand the tremendous example their father set, and hoped to share with them.

Please browse the website or visit us on Facebook. You will find regular updates and news as to events, recipients of the award, and fundraising efforts. We are a registered charity and if you wish to donate on-line (Donate tab), you will receive an immediate receipt for income tax purposes.

Thank you,
Board of Directors, Adrian Campbell Scholarship Fund Association

Please join us for our annual ride

On Sunday, October 1st, we hope you will join us for The Adrian Campbell Ride - a casual fun ride with a free will offering leaving from ‘the farm’ on the Newcomb Branch Road near Canning.

This year our 2023 Scholarship Recipients, Sophie Duncan and Brett King, both of Horton High School, along with their 17 predecessors are invited to lead out the ride with Adrian's sons.

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